Wow Autism Moms!

Written by: Janley Coan
 Janley for blog
Wow, you are remarkable!

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe we make it through five minutes, let alone an entire day. The challenges we face being Autism moms seem never ending. But, each day we wake up, either by the alarm clock or by one of those little stinker kiddos (I mean blessings) that we love so much, is a gift.

Give yourself GRACE, gift yourself a big bag of PATIENCE, throw on a SMILE, and make people question how you get it all done. Having a down day is okay, but choosing to be a mom isn’t often a choice we get to change. However, a WOW mom can brighten up others lives and will make you stronger than you ever dreamed. Wishing you love! And, keep being AU-SOME!

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