Where is Me Time?

Greetings, Autism Moms. I believe we all are in search of some me time. Sometimes, we have no idea where or how we can find it. The early morning awakenings by our Autism babies has our days starting off so rocky. I sometimes wake up feeling a bit delusional. When I am awake, I occasionally want to give up hope. It’s in times like this that I remember how important me being of sound mind is imperative for me to make it through the day. Here are some great tips on getting those few minutes of me time:


When our babies take naps during the day, or when they decide to go to bed, we are so quick to clean up or do things for our little ones.  However, sitting outside on the porch or patio for 10 minutes breathing in and out can really help to ease a little stress.


Relaxing herbal teas, like Calming Tea or Sleep Time Tea, will help to calm and relax the nerves. When our babies are having meltdowns, we should already have these teas made for the day to help unwind afterwards. It’s okay to drink more than one cup a day.


Yoga positions and stretches require deep breathing! When my little one with Autism goes to bed, I immediately find myself a quiet spot on the floor. I breathe deeply in and out for a few minutes. Then, I add the stretches for a few minutes.

We, as Autism Moms, want days and long hours of break time, but, for some of us, it’s impossible to find the time with hectic and demanding schedules. So, we moms, who only have a few minutes to themselves here and there, need to really take advantage of those few minutes of serenity and peace.

Written by: Nichole Wilson

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