Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear Autism Mom on Mother’s Day,

Hero. Therapist. Best friend. Teacher. Peacemaker. Advocate. Safe harbor. These are just a few words to describe incredible Autism Moms like you.

You won’t get a break from autism today. There won’t be a free day to do whatever you wish. Autism doesn’t turn off just because it’s Mother’s Day, your birthday, or any other special occasion. You will spend the day keeping to the Sunday schedule, so your child doesn’t have a meltdown. It’s more important to help them remain regulated. You will have to be on guard all day to keep them safe. You will prepare the special food of the things your child will eat, then watch their special tv show or movie for the millionth time while maintaining the appropriate noise level. There is no rest for an autism mom. You have to do all this in spite of the date on your calendar. Added into the mix is trying to make the day special for the grandmothers who will expect adoration and praise.

Being an autism mom isn’t for the faint hearted. It makes being a mom a million times harder. Hang in there. Just when you think you can’t go one more second, your child will do something new that you’ve been working on for ages. You are loved unconditionally by a very special person. Your child may not be able to express it verbally, but you are their hero. You are a rock star Autism Mom. Not just any old mom. Not a soccer mom. A rock star Autism Mom. You may not get flowers or sappy cards. You may be beyond exhausted at the moment. But, your child depends on you to make their world a safe and loving space. There is no higher honor on this planet.

Take time today, as well as regularly, to reflect on your past successes. Take time to appreciate all of the little things that you do for your child day in and day out. Appreciate all the progress you and your child have made this year. Take a brief minute to breathe deeply while relishing in your success. Appreciate that you are using your energy and talents to make this world a better place for your child. You never envisioned being a mom to a child with autism. It’s not an easy role nor can just any person fill it. However, we want you to know deep down in the core of your soul that you are fiercely loved by someone with autism.

At AMAB magazine, we want to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day! You’re not just your children’s hero. You’re our hero too! Most importantly, we want you to know this: We see you. We see you working hard to advocate for your kids. We see you actively helping raise Autism awareness. We see the sacrifices you make daily to make this world a better and safer place for your kids to grow up in. We see you, and we value you. Thank you for all that you do, Autism Moms! You are changing the world! And, you rock the universe!


The AMAB Magazine Team

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