Dear Autism Dads

This Father’s Day, Autism Moms Are Beautiful celebrates all of the dads, grandfathers, and other father figures in our Autism community. Thank you to all of the autism dads who work diligently and selflessly to make the world a more understanding and accepting place for children and adults with autism. We want you to know: We see you!

Every day, great fathers are working alongside their children’s teams, supporting their program, and celebrating their winning moments. We see you!

We see you move beyond your grief of what you thought your relationship with your child would be and into joy and pride for the privilege of loving your unique child.

We see you gain insight into your child’s needs, gain knowledge about therapies, and contributing daily to the goals for your child.

We see you make your other children a priority.  Giving attention and play time to them, so they know they are valued and special too.

We see you in the vulnerable moments when you are not sure you can do it all.

And, we see you get up the next day, renewed in your commitment to give your all to your family.

For all you do, we celebrate and appreciate the way you take on the role of “Dad”. We honor all that you do to make the world a better place for our Ausome kids.

On behalf of all of us at Autism Moms Are Beautiful magazine:

Happy Father’s Day!

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