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NicholeNichole Wilson

Nichole Wilson is a certified sign language interpreter and motivational speaker who currently resides in Pearland, TX.   Miss Wilson is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts with a Master’s degree in Leadership. She is also currently working on a second Master’s degree in Communications.   Miss Wilson is a single mother to a beautiful, vibrant daughter named Zeni’ Alyn who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three.  A pillar in her community, Nichole is on the committee for Ready Women Inc. and believes in supporting women by motivating and providing encouragement to fellow Autism moms in her community.   Throughout her time spent working on the committee of Ready Women Inc., Miss Wilson has learned the value of staying positive and handling oneself with poise.  Miss Wilson is being mentored by Dr. Ali who is also an Autism Mom.  Dr. Ali believes in what Nichole is doing and wants to encourage her to keep motivating and inspiring other Autism Moms.  Nichole, who strongly believes in giving back to the community, is the  founder of Autism Moms Are Beautiful and the Chief-in-Editor of AMAB Magazine.  Booking:

Jean Jean

Jeanna TenBrink

Jeanna TenBrink is an educational advocate who specializes in issues related to the special education process. She is a mother of three beautiful girls, her youngest two are on the autism spectrum. Jeanna is a strong believer in collaborating with your child’s educational team for their success. Her oldest daughter is conquering the college world and committed to becoming a successful businesswoman by always coming up with inclusive ideas and speaking to others about being a sibling to younger sisters with autism. Her middle daughter is creative, hilarious and becoming a strong self-advocate by using her voice to let her teachers know exactly how autism affects her life by speaking up in her own ARD meetings as well as doing presentations on self-advocacy. And the youngest of the group is affectionate, determined and doesn’t let not being able to use her words keep her from getting what she wants. Since moving to Texas in 2011, Mrs. TenBrink has worked with several school districts in planning and organizing conferences with an emphasis on autism and other developmental disabilities. Jeanna has assisted in her own school district in creating a special education parent advisory committee and is the founder of Amaris Autism Foundation, where she provides family fun events, support group meetings, and resource information to families raising children with autism.

Ashlee photo for magazine

Ashlee Viesca

Ashlee Viesca is a writer who currently resides in Houston, TX. An English and Creative Writing major, she has always had a passion for writing and literature. Ashlee is a single mother to her angel boy, Cesar “Richie” Cedeño II. Richie was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 years old. Unfortunately, he died at the age of three due to a drowning incident that occurred while he was in his father’s care in June 2016. In honor of her sweet son, Ashlee has dedicated her life to giving back to the incredible Autism community that has helped her immensely throughout every hardship she faced with her son. From helping Ashlee find the best resources and therapies for Richie to even raising money to help with Richie’s funeral expenses, the Autism community has been there for Ashlee in more ways than she could ever imagine, and, for that, she is forever grateful to her wonderful Autism community.

Janley Picture

Janley Coan

Janet Coan (also know as Janley Coan on various social media sites) has been happily married to her husband, Stanley, for the past eight years. They have five children together–four wonderful sons and an amazing stepdaughter. Their ages are 18, 17, 15, 7, and 4. They have spent their entire lives living in southeast Houston. In 2002, Janet’s parenting journey changed with the birth of her second son, Joshua. Joshua is often referred to as J-Bird, a nickname his first neurologist gave to him when he was an eight-week-old baby. At eight weeks old, Joshua was admitted to the Texas Children’s Hospital for a respiratory infection. That is where they witnessed his extreme irritability and began running various tests to find the cause. After extensive testing, it was discovered that Joshua had some brain damage, which was caused by Cytomegalovirus (CMV). Joshua’s brain damage from this virus is the reason why he exhibits most of his autistic behaviors. Janet has navigated Joshua through three school districts, countless therapies, various specialists, medication changes, and state waiver programs. Janet works as a business development manager for Express Employment Professionals. She also spends a substantial amount of time being actively involved in the special friend’s classroom on Sundays at First United Methodist Church located in La Porte, TX. Janet loves supporting others and always strives to be a beacon of happiness