Scented candles: 10 of the best

On a slow news day, I find myself asking: “Are candles a legitimate beauty product?” Many people think about beauty in the context of something that makes you look better. But it’s also about how you feel – and this, undoubtedly, impacts how you look. It could be that a punchy red lipstick makes you feel ready to face the day (think: war paint), or a fragrance makes you feel happy or sexy or authoritative every time you wear it. Hence fragrance plays a huge role in beauty. Indulge in that spritz of jasmine or bergamot or wood notes and… ta-da, your mood lifts and suddenly you feel different – better to how you did mere moments earlier. Which makes you look different, too. But do you always have to wear a fragrance for it to affect the way you look? No. Candles, particularly those by brands that understand the power of fragrance, are a great way in. Their scent can also be enjoyed collectively during the festive season, lifting everyone’s mood. Tata Harper’s candle feels particularly apt for our times. It uses pine, cypress, black pepper and clove to mimic the health benefits of forest bathing, which has been proven to ease stress and anxiety. And for anyone allergic to wearing fragrance, this is perhaps the only way to indulge without coming up in a rash – which neither looks nor feels beautiful.

1. Perfumer H for Sotheby’s £155, 2. Dior Ambre Nuit £80, 3. Diptyque Neige £38, 4. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Mon Beau Sapin £65, 5. Glossier Orange Blossom Neroli £37, glossier.com6. Nomad Noé Lover in Jerusalem £55, selfridges.com7. Malin + Goetz Dark Rum from £19, 8. Nette x Tata Harper Into the Forest £72.99, 9. Miller Harris L’Air de Rien £50, 10. Acqua Di Parma Panettone £72,

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