Top Shelf: The Best Beauty Drops of October

Welcome to Top Shelf, Highsnobiety’s monthly guide to the best new beauty products worth trying — and displaying in your bathroom.

Halloween is over, meaning it’s officially time to begin prepping for the winter holidays. October offered plenty of inspiration for the gift-giver in all of us, thanks to a selection of new beauty launches fit for presenting to family, friends, co-workers, and most importantly, yourself.

From Byredo’s cozy new fragrance to Superzero’s plastic-free scalp detox, the month was packed with plenty of noteworthy beauty drops. Let’s get into it.

Byredo – Eyes Closed

Byredo’s latest launch is the ultimate comfort fragrance. Warm, sweet, and spicy, Eyes Closed opens as freshly-baked carrot cake and dries down to a powdery base that reminds me of newly washed sheets.

Reflekt – 4 Eye & Lip Cream

I love a product that multitasks, and Reflekt’s new eye and lip cream does just that. Lightweight and non-greasy, the formula sits well under makeup and offers a boost of hydration, minus the shine. I have a feeling that the compact, double-tasking cream will come in handy during the holiday travel season, when carry-on space is tight.

Faculty – Nail Lacquer in Power

Faculty, the cool-kid nail polish brand founded by Umar ElBably, indulges fashion’s recent taste for pink with Power, a vivid rose. Subtler than Valentino’s hyper-pink yet punchy enough to make a statement, Faculty’s take on the trending color is just right.

Typology Paris – Rose & Vanilla Natural Deodorant

I’m no natural deodorant devotee — The New York Times recently debunked myths surrounding the so-called dangers of aluminum in deodorant and antiperspirant, an article everyone spooked by Secret and Degree should read. That said, Typology’s aluminum-free deodorant is a new favorite of mine, thanks to its spa-like rose and vanilla fragrance.

Superzero – Clarifying Shampoo Bar

Superzero’s scalp-detoxing shampoo launched just as a I ran out of my exfoliating scalp mask, a must for my dandruff-prone head. The plastic-free shampoo bar performed just as well as my my old mask, clearing out dry skin flakes and restoring volume. If I can make any of my plastic-filled shower routine a little more eco-conscious, count me in.

Tom Fruin x Joya – Daylight

Artist Tom Fruin reprised his partnership with Brooklyn-based fragrance studio Joya, resulting in a second subtly scented candle. A follow-up to Nightlight, the duo’s debut drop, Daylight is a bright, sweet fragrance inspired by the scent of a freshly mowed lawn. It’s a joy to smell and look at: the candle is poured in a vessel painted with the same colored panes of Fruin’s stained glass water towers.

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