This Beloved Facial Spray Saved My Skin During Fashion Month

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Ahead of fashion month this past September — my first in years that would actually involve traveling and attending shows in-person — I was naturally a little anxious about the inevitable stress, exhaustion and general chaos to come. I was also anxious about my finicky, hormonal-acne-prone skin: I can usually keep it in check with my normal routine in Los Angeles’s dry climate, but it’s very sensitive to new environments and changes in humidity. Add to that multiple long-haul flights, masks, stress, sleep deprivation, makeup, fromage and an inability to have my entire skin-care product assortment with me at all times, and it was a recipe for inflammation and breakouts.

I packed what I could and hoped for the best, but assumed based on prior experience that I’d be a pimply mess about halfway through New York Fashion Week. But in fact, my skin looked great, about as good as it ever has — I received actual compliments on it throughout the month — right up until got home from Paris. I don’t think I got a single pimple, not even during my period, which is rare for me in any month, let alone this one. My stress level was higher than it had probably been in years and I felt physically depleted, but my skin looked like that of a calm, well-rested heiress who flies first class, has her own driver and just pops into the occasional show for fun. And I can really only point to one product that could have made the difference: Tower 28’s beloved SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray, which the brand had gifted me a few weeks prior.

It was my first time traveling with the product, which many beauty editors, influencers and even Hailey Bieber rave about, and with good reason. I used it every day, often multiple times: as a toner after cleansing, and for little mid-day refreshes over makeup. Its hero ingredient, hypochlorous acid, evidently did its job — soothing, repairing and gently purifying stressed-out-skin — better than I’d expected. The brand likes to call it “the Windex of skin care,” and while that feels a little aggressive, I get it. I’ve become even more confident in its effectiveness since running out of the spray post-fashion month: About a week later, I started breaking out. SOS indeed.

Tower 28 SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray, $28, available here.

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