This Splurge Will Impress The Skin Care Fanatic In Your Life The Most

“Essential part of my skin care regime. I began my Augustus Bader journey two years ago around my 43rd birthday. Using it day and night religiously for two years along with a healthy diet, exercise, great hydration and adequate sleep it’s has allowed me to experience a “glow up”. At age 45, I’ve never felt more confident. Thank you. P.S. I recently added the oil and am totally enamored.” — Kerrys H.

“Fabulous cream. I was a bit unsure at first as it is called The Rich Cream and I am not keen on anything too heavy. However, this is fabulous and beautiful to use. My skin looks good and it really does soften slight lines. I would highly recommend.” — Sara H.

“Having bought the cream through a recommendation I was a bit dubious as always leant more towards acid-based creams. This cream is in a league all of its own !! My skin has never looked or felt better… my preference is the rich cream out of the two as feel it packs more punch… my skin literally GLOWS since using this and I cannot recommend it enough. Price point wise yes it is expensive but it lasts a REALLY long time and a little goes a long way. highly recommend it” — James W.

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