AI better at creating fragrances than professional perfumers

In 2018, Visium paired up with Firmenich, the world’s largest privately owned Fragrance and Flavor companies to create a breakthrough in chemical formula generation.

The cross collaboration of Firmenich’s 125 years of expertise in chemical formulas, and Visium’s advanced knowledge in cutting-edge Machine Learning solutions, enabled the creation of a ML solution that could automatically, and independently create chemical formulas to match a certain perfume or taste identity. Experienced chemists and perfumers can then tailor these AI-generated formulas to create a superior fragrances and tastes that suit the nuances of each category and market. This cross-team collaboration has create the world’s first AI-generate flavor, and AI-enabled fragrance, as applied to Laundry Detergent.

Find out more about how the solution can reduce time to market by up to 50% and create completely new paradigms for enhanced creativity with the collaboration of AI and human expertise.

In the video below, Philippe Glénat, VP Digital Lab at Firmenich, and our CTO, Timon Zimmermann present the project at the Applied Machine Learning Days (AMLD) at EPFL, one of the largest ML conferences in the world.

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